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Periodontal disease that affects a considerable portion of the society is known as periodontitis.

Periodontitis is very tricky and almost imperceptible in the early stages of disease progression.

The first symptoms of periodontitis include gum redness and subtle bleeding, appearing when brushing teeth, as well as bad breath and calculus – symptoms that we very often ignore and do not associate with any disease or inflammation.

According to statistics, about 70% Poles require the treatment of periodontitis. That is why we want to raise our patients’ awareness of what to pay attention to in the oral cavity in order to effectively prevent and treat periodontitis.

The causes of periodontitis

Dental plaque, or tartar, consisting of bacteria and food residues forms on the surface of teeth and should be removed regularly, because otherwise the dental plaque turns into calculus, which “gets” under the soft tissue, causing swelling and pain.

Over time, the calculus may damage and destroy the tissues that anchor the teeth in the jawbone.

The next stage is the unveiling of dental necks, which the patient can easily recognize, experiencing hypersensitivity to temperature changes and to sweet and sour taste. At the stage of dental neck unveiling, the teeth embedment becomes much less stable and there is a risk of their falling out.

How to recognize that a patient requires treatment of periodontitis?

When the following symptoms occur in your oral cavity, we recommend that you visit the dentist to obtain the diagnosis and begin the treatment of periodontitis as early as possible.

As soon as you notice the following:

  • Red and swollen gums
  • Bleeding when brushing, threading or even eating
  • Loose-fitting teeth starting to wobble
  • An unpleasant smell of your breath

Do not hesitate to arrange a visit at the dental clinic for consultation and examination.

In our dental clinic in Szczecin, we offer hygienisation treatments aimed at successive and effective cleaning of teeth from tartar, calculus and elimination of initial inflammation.


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Treatment of periodontitis

During consultation, the dentist or periodontologist provides comprehensive advice on every aspect of prevention and elimination of periodontitis.

You will find out how to properly care for your oral hygiene at home, how often to visit the dental office to remove calculus or even how to improve circulation and regeneration through gum massage.

In the case of calculus build-up deep under the gum causing periodontium damage, the dentist performs a curettage procedure, removing the calculus even from the roots.

Remember that downplaying symptoms can lead to devastating consequences for your teeth. Do not hesitate and make an appointment in our clinic, and we will not allow for further development of inflammation, perform treatments for periodontitis and instruct you how to avoid it in the future.



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