The dental surgeon performs a number of procedures supporting various areas of dentistry, e.g. endodontics through resection of the root apex or pre-prosthetic surgery. Therefore, apart from extraction – removal of teeth, we also perform wisdom tooth filing, and in the case of bone loss – bone balance application. It is worth knowing that surgery is also an element of the implantological treatment. In summary, it supports the effectiveness of treatment and is a part of many other procedures.

Our experienced specialist will ensure that all treatments are painless and maximally comfortable for patients. It is possible thanks to modern, effective anaesthesia and the use of the highest quality equipment.

We perform the following treatments in the field of dental surgery:

Simple extraction

Extraction involves removing the tooth from the alveolus. The dental surgeon loosens the tooth in the alveolus and then removes it with the use of special tools – quickly and precisely. We always focus on maximum delicacy during the procedure. It lasts for a short time and the risk of complications is low. After the treatment, our specialist provides patients with precise instructions on further actions. However, it should be kept in mind that tooth extraction is performed only when all other treatment options fail. It is always worth fighting for natural teeth.

Complicated extraction

It happens that a tooth to be removed is under the gum. In this case, the dental surgeon cuts the gum and then removes the alveolar bone fragment around the tooth root.

Wisdom tooth filing

The third molar, though fully developed, can remain hidden under the gum. They cause pain and often disturb the aesthetics of the smile. Such cases require the intervention of a dental surgeon. To remove the retained wisdom tooth, the surgeon cuts the gum and removes the tooth. Then they thoroughly clean the alveolus and sutures the open wound.

Preparation for inserting dental implants

In our dental practice, we believe in comprehensive treatment, thanks to which we can support patients in every situation. That is why we do both, perform extractions and prepare patients for filling gaps in dentition. The best way to do this is to use implants, but not every patient can immediately undergo this procedure. It happens that the bone has disappeared, which makes implantation impossible without proper preparatory procedures. In such case, it is necessary to rebuild the bones. Modern treatments performed by a dental surgeon help patients regain health and a beautiful smile.

Alveolus bone balance

Alveolus bone balance is based on the use of osteogenic and bone substitute materials to support the reconstruction of bone tissue. During the procedure, the dental surgeon cuts the gum and uncovers the bones. The specialist introduces the right materials into the exposed area and then covers them with a special membrane that protects them during the regeneration period. This procedure allows for the formation of a base suitable for dental implants.

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Resection of the root apex
2000 zł
Simple extraction
500 zł
Complicated extraction
800 - 1000 zł
Wisdom tooth filing
1500 zł
Surgical extraction of the eight
1600 - 2000 zł
Alveolus bone balance
3000 - 5000 zł
Enucleation of the cyst with histopathological examination
3000 zł
Alveolar bone bedding
5000 zł
Frenulum undercutting
500 zł
Mandibular bone block transplant
9000 zł

Preparation for Treatment

reatments in the field of dental surgery require proper patient preparation for the whole procedure. Before performing the procedure, it is necessary to consult a dental surgeon. We always conduct an in-depth interview in which we take into account the patient’s general and local health status. We plan the entire treatment in detail and then perform it with the utmost precision and commitment.

Before the treatment, the surgeon takes an x-ray image. This facilitates quick discovery of possible irregularities that could make treatment difficult or impossible. Properly performed diagnostics is a guarantee of success of surgical and dental procedures.

The best surgical care

In our dental practice in Szczecin, we provide professional care for patients at every stage of treatment. We explain all procedures in detail and dispel doubts. We want our patients to feel safe and education is one of the ways that facilitates it. We care about patient satisfaction and mental comfort.

The best dental surgeon in Szczecin

Visiting Dentysta you are under the care of the best and experienced specialists. We help in even the most difficult cases. We always use the best equipment and modern materials, and we constantly develop our skills.



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