Thanks to the support of modern dental technology, the ability to fragment food as well as perfect smile can be restored by means of restoration of the original conditions of the dentition. After the loss of natural teeth or their massive damage, we carry out treatments associated with the application of removable dentures (acrylic dentures, skeletal dentures, nylon dentures, acetal dentures) or permanent denture (metal-cast crowns and bridges, porcelain faced on metal framework, full ceramic and cercon). We whiten dead (dark) teeth, reconstruct damaged ones and aesthetically cover them with veneers. The occlusal splint allows you to get rid of tooth grinding at night.

We will design your smile!

The smile design system is a modern solution in the field of aesthetic dentistry, which assumes closer than ever cooperation between the patient and dentist and joint implementation of a precisely designed treatment plan. Special software of the Digital Smile Design system allows the dentist to create an advanced visualisation of the planned aesthetic and functional changes in the teeth, which is presented to the patient and commented upon by the patient. Thanks to it, everyone is able to achieve a dream smile – without unnecessary risks and worries.

DSD smile design allows you to create a symmetrical smile from scratch, with the final appearance depending on various factors, including the shape of the face, lip colour or other individual preferences of patients, resulting from their characters and needs. In this way, the patient is able to achieve a unique smile, which will become their unique showcase.

We understand your needs

Each of us has a different sense of beauty, pursues different goals and has different expectations regarding the appearance of our smile. Using the DSD smile design technique, we are able to show the patient what effect the dental treatment will bring. In the Dentysta dental practice, we focus on openness and dialogue with our patient, with whom we always try to build a partner relationship that is free from understatements. Therefore, our patients can participate in the entire process at all of its stages. Active participation of the patient in the design process allows them to share their comments and suggestions with the dentist, which largely affects their final satisfaction with the service.

When should you plan a new smile?

Various reasons induce patients to take action to improve their smiles. Most often they are tooth cavities, discolorations and malocclusion. Regardless of why you want to refresh your image, we are here to help you. Dentysta – the satisfaction of our patients is the most important for us, because dentistry is our passion.

Did you know that….?

The DSD method was developed by a dentist from Brazil, Christian Coachman. Many years of experience in the profession allowed him to determine that the greatest problem of dentists working on the patient’s smile is the lack of mutual communication, which may lead to much disappointment and frustration. Therefore, the dentist implemented the modern Digital Smile Design method, which assumes constant, partner cooperation between the dentist and patient in the course of smile design. This approach is also close to our hearts!

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Are you afraid of high costs? Computer smile design is performed FREE of charge as part of the treatment plan designed by the dentist in the course of consultations. Do not give up the opportunity to dazzle with your smile!
Digital Smile Design (DSD)
400 zł

How does it work?

The process of digital smile design can be divided into several stages:

1. In the beginning, we perform a comprehensive examination of the patient’s oral cavity. We analyse the face and patient’s former smile, we examine the masticatory muscles and temporomandibular joints. In result of the examinations we obtain detailed documentation consisting of photographs, X-ray images and diagnostic models. This stage is extremely important for the subsequent design, because the materials collected and developed in this period serve as the basis for digital visualisation.

2. The collected documents are subjected to a thorough analysis, thanks to which we are able to determine what the patient’s optimal smile should look like. Then we create a computer visualisation of the smile design, which takes into account the shape, natural colour and location of the teeth, as well as their emergence from the gums. The patient gets acquainted with the expected final effect on a monitor screen.

3. At this stage, we use another visualisation method – mock-up models, crowns or veneers temporarily located in the patient’s oral cavity, giving them even better insight into the final effect of the teeth treatment. Finally, the patient gets a chance to see if their new smile “becomes“ them and how they feel about it.

4. The patient talks to the dentist about their impressions regarding the designed smile, has the opportunity to share their remarks with the dentist and dispel any doubts. The patient can also report the need to make adjustments to further personalize their dream smile.

5. Having reached the final agreement on the smile and having discussed all the details with the patient, the dentist develops the treatment plan, details the subsequent stages of the process and sets the dates of the subsequent visits. If there are no complications the design is implemented.



Delight with your beautiful smile straight from Hollywood!


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