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Dentysta Szczecin .eu

Dentysta Szczecin.eu dental clinic was established in 2017. Our clinic is like no other, created out of passion and eagerness to help patients, even in the most complicated cases. Warm and friendly atmosphere combined with wonderful coastal climate and the smell of fresh coffee make a dental visit pleasurable.

Anna Łokaj has run her own dental practice for over a dozen years and gained enormously rich professional experience as well as appreciation of other dental professionals and patients. Collaboration with other dental clinics in Szczecin contributed to constant development of her skills. She has completed numerous training courses in endodontics (root canal therapy) as well as in full ceramic veneers, implantology and patient communication, which is extremely important.

It all has made her well known in Szczecin as a very good and proven dentist, who undertakes difficult dental challenges and achieves outstanding results. Anna Łokaj is a dentist you can trust!



In 2016, Anna Łokaj decided to open her own clinic. Together with Adam Osenkowski, a Szczecin entrepreneur, manager and business coach, and privately, her partner, they started a project to create a friendly place where the patient becomes actively involved in the treatment process.
Unique atmosphere

New dental clinic in Szczecin has become a place where the dental chair is not associated with fear and pain, but rather with relief. The treatment plan is being discussed in friendly atmosphere and comfortable conditions, in a nice chair, by a desk and over a cup of delicious coffee. In Dentysta Szczecin.eu clinic we always keep calm to make our patients feel totally at ease.

The unique interior design helps us achieve this effect. Dentysta Szczecin clinic is distinguished by the Szczecin climate, which makes you feel like you at the seaside. And although Szczecin itself does not lie at the Baltic, we decided to respond to our patients’ expectations and design the interior in marine theme.


When creating the DentystaSzczecin.eu clinic, we wanted it to be a place that most of all stood out with its professionalism. We wanted to create a team that is lively and always open to the patients’ needs. Therefore, people working in our dental clinic are characterised by kindness and consistently good mood. We know that a good working atmosphere facilitates better results and development. Dentistry is a passion that we are fully devoted to. Thanks to this, we can be proud of excellent treatment results. We perform all our duties with full commitment.

Patients of our dental clinic feel at ease and quickly get rid of fear and anxiety. This is what makes them willing to come back. However, we must emphasize that we are trying hard for these visits to be mere check-ups!

A modern dental clinic

We focus on continuous development and we are eager to reach for new solutions that can make dentist’s work simpler and, above all, effective. We are constantly improving our skills by participating in conferences and courses. Moreover, we use only the highest quality dental equipment in our clinic.

Dentistry – the best equipment!

The dental microscope significantly increases the effectiveness of the root canal treatment and other procedures. Owing to the use of microscope, the dentist is confident that they can see everything that was concealed when using standard methods. Any complications encountered in earlier treatment or non-standard cases become much easier to treat. This device allows the dentist to achieve previously unknown precision, due to the exceptional enlargement and brightening of the image during the procedure.

We always focus on maximum safety

Maintaining proper hygiene and sterile conditions in the dental office is the core principle. We know that, which is why we always follow all safety rules. We want patients to feel calm in every respect – we always act in accordance with applicable procedures and requirements. We care for the comfort of people who have trusted us.




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  • ul. 5 Lipca 43/2, Szczecin