The snow-white smile, which stays in the memory of people you meet for a long time, is an excellent showcase of a person. Not all of us, however, can be proud of perfectly white, ideal teeth. This is caused by numerous enamel discolorations. Many factors affect their formation, including smoking, drinking coffee and some harmful eating habits. We recommend teeth whitening to all those who want to regain their flawlessly white smile and self-confidence.

Teeth whitening – Szczecin is the place where you we do it best!

n our dental practice, we give you a stunning whiteness of teeth using a lamp and a special gel. We care about the time and comfort of our patients, that’s why the teeth whitening procedure is not long (lasts about an hour) and completely painless!

Prevention is the key to obtain and maintain the desired teeth whitening effect. The extremely important elements of the prophylaxis are treatments involving the cleaning of teeth from deposits and calculus. They allow you to keep your gums and bone in good condition, and consequently – also your teeth. In our dental practice, we clean the calculus using an ultrasonic scaler, and the deposits with sand using the Prophy Jet sandblaster, which uses water pressure for its operation. Fluoridation is another important element of prophylaxis. Fluoride is an invaluable element for teeth – it strengthens their enamel and immunises them to many harmful bacteria. The fluoride preparation layer applied to teeth releases fluoride ions into the dental enamel. Fluoridation increases the resistance of the tooth and prevents the formation of caries.

Look after your teeth at home…

Good care for your teeth brings many tangible benefits. Thanks to it, the teeth maintain a healthy, aesthetic appearance, and their owner enjoys a fresh breath. Prophylaxis is based on daily hygienic activities performed in the comfort of your home. They include proper tooth brushing and flossing. Also the use of appropriate toothpaste that is rich in fluoride and a balanced diet are extremely important for the health of your teeth.

…and come to check-ups!

Home prophylaxis should be supported by periodic check-ups at the dentist’s office. The dentist will carry out comprehensive oral examination and, if the patient wishes it, the dental professional will perform calculus removal process to keep the patient’s smile perfect. Additionally, at the patient’s request, they will be instructed in the methods of maintaining oral health and hygiene. The dentist will also assist in the selection of the right toothpaste, toothbrush and the most appropriate diet.

Teeth whitening with a gel and a lamp

This method of teeth whitening in a dental practice is the safest and brings the fastest results. The treatment consists in applying a special whitening gel onto the teeth and then activating it with the help of light. This method allows for teeth lightening even by several tones within an hour. The secret of its effectiveness is the recipe of the gel applied onto the teeth. The gel components activate the appropriate length and power of the light waves emitted by the lamp. This method of teeth whitening is effective even for patients who have a darker shade of teeth from birth and those who have contracted severe enamel discolouration.

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Dead tooth whitening after endodontic treatment

Discolouration or blackening of dead teeth is a serious problem faced by some patients after root canal treatment. One of the main causes of discolouration occurring in dead teeth after endodontic treatment is the bleeding of the dental pulp, which occurs immediately after the injury. The tooth can also change its colour if the pulp is not completely removed or the filling is not complete. It should be noted that dead tooth whitening can not be performed at home. The only guarantee of success is a visit to the dentist’s office. Teeth whitening – patients’ opinions can be helpful in choosing the best dental practice. Dentysta Szczecin – we will take care of the beauty of your teeth!

Whitening a dead tooth – what does it involve?

A dentist wishing to whiten a dead tooth uses hydrogen peroxide, which is the product of a chemical reaction between distilled water and sodium perborate. In some cases it may be necessary to open the tooth and clean its chamber. Then the dentist applies a special whitening preparation into the dead tooth chamber and then closes the tooth with a temporary dressing. Whitening inserts are replaced every few days until a satisfactory effect is obtained. When the procedure is successful, the dentist closes the tooth with a composite filling.

Teeth whitening with a lamp and a special gel is one of the most modern and popular aesthetic dentistry practices. By restoring a snow-white smile to our patients, we improve the comfort of their lives and help them regain their self-confidence. Teeth whitening – the opinions of patients and dentists leave no doubt about the effectiveness of the methods used in our office.

Smile more often and without any worries!


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