When a dental procedure requires anaesthesia, for the comfort of our patients, we use proven and non-invasive methods that eliminate pain during the administration of the anaesthetic. We know from many years of experience that the fear of pain is one of the main reasons for avoiding visits to the dental clinic, especially among the youngest patients. Postponing a visit to a dental clinic is always a bad solution, because it can lead to serious diseases affecting the oral cavity that require long-term and costly treatment. But what if the fear of pain is related to the anaesthesia itself, let alone the treatment? We have a proven way. Computer anaesthesia is an innovative dental solution designed for the comfort of patients. We therefore offer our patients a method of anaesthesia, which is an alternative to traditional injection that many patients find very unpleasant – computer anaesthesia applied using
SleeperOne device.

How does computer anaesthesia work?

SleeperOne is a modern electronic device, slightly larger than a pen, that meets all our requirements regarding computer anaesthesia systems. A thin needle placed on the working head of the device is inserted into the previously anaesthetised tissue completely painlessly. The microprocessor located in the device accurately measures the necessary dose of the anaesthetic and applies it at a low pressure and appropriate pace, which protects the patient from the sensation of tissue bursting. The patient does not feel pain because anaesthesia is applied at physiological speed, which means that the tissues absorb the liquid on an ongoing basis and do not expand too much. The SleeperOne device, resembling a ballpoint pen, provides the dentist with a firm grip and precision – the fingers are close to the needle, thus fully controlling movement. Thanks to the proven technology, the applied anaesthesia is immediate and long-lasting. One of the greatest advantages of the computer anaesthesia method is the fact that the anaesthetized patient maintains full facial expressions – they do not feel discomfort associated with swelling and numbness, and is also able to speak at all times.

Modern and safe

SleeperOne device has an extremely advanced intra-tissue pressure control system and a fully automated injection system that adapts its speed to the resistance of tissues. This guarantees unprecedented accuracy while applying anaesthesia and the speed of its operation. All this, combined with the high competence of our medical staff, will make the visit in the office pleasant and will not be associated with painful memories!

Advantages of computer anaesthesia:

  • reduction of pain to the absolute minimum,
  • no swelling after treatment,
  • no sense of numbness in the mouth,
  • full security,
  • stress reduction (especially in the youngest patients),
  • lower toxicity due to automatic injection,
  • no side effects.
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Types (programs) of computer anaesthesia:

  • block anaesthesia (consisting in the reversible disruption of nerve conduction within the nerve trunks responsible for a specific part of the patient’s body by providing local anaesthesia),
  • infiltration anaesthesia (a type of local anaesthesia consisting in local blockade of sensory nerve conduction),
  • ntraligamentary anaesthesia (based on the application of as anaesthetic with a needle directly to the periodontal ligaments),
  • intraseptal anaesthesia,
  • palatal anaesthesia.

Each of these programs is used depending on the type of dental procedure performed. The SleeperOne device provides all types of anaesthesia with the exception of transcortical (intraosseous) anaesthesia.

Computer anaesthesia is a perfect solution for both children and adults who value personal comfort. This method finds advocates among thousands of patients around the world and is performed by the most prominent dentists. In the case of choosing the method of computer anaesthesia, the patient should, as with other types of anaesthesia, inform the dentist about their health condition, allergies and – in the case of female patients – about pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Trust the specialists from the Dentist Szczecin office and the latest technology and forget about the pain!


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